"And what an endearing assortment of other perfume shop co-workers these two have, including the... way-too-easy cashier Ilona Ritter (Kristen Daniels who sparkles every moment onstage, especially during her ode to finding romance via 'A Trip to the Library')..."

-Shari Barrett, Broadway World


"Kristen Daniels similarly does a superlative job as “Ilona Ritter”, with her approach being that of a lovely, vivacious (albeit a bit naïve) working-class lass (think someone along the lines of a platinum blonde “Betty Boop”.) Daniels patently knows how to find the overall humor in the role, and then implements it in all the best and broadest terms!"

-Leo Buck, Bucking Trends


​"Kristen Daniels (“Hairspray,” Laguna Playhouse) is hilariously appealing as co-worker Ilona Ritter, and adds an embellishing backstory to the action of the main characters with her zany Lucille Ball-like performance. Her fantastic belt, comedic girly-girl style and pitch-perfect vocals, especially during one of the most anticipated songs, “A Trip to the Library,” bedazzles the audience with laugh-out-loud empathy and firmly cements her as an aerosaltant you definitely want to see again!"

-Chris Daniels, The Show Report


​"Best of all  is recent UCI grad, Daniels, who makes the flighty, fickle Ilona fabulously her own, whether declaring her independence from Kodaly in “I Resolve” or discovering the joys that “A Trip To The Library” can bring."

-Steven Stanley, StageScene LA


"And when Ms. Daniels as the sweet Maggie joined the "At the Ballet" troika, ringing that high E natural for the soaring climax, with the audience clearly buzzing in audible exhilaration, the beautiful strength of her voice was impossible to ignore."

-Chris Daniels, The Show Report


"Marissa Mayer and Kristen Daniels deliver superb vocals and committed storytelling nuance alongside Ms. Hays in a perfectly staged and sung 'At the Ballet.'"

-Marc Gonzalez, Road to 1000


"...Waiting In The Wings: The (Stage) Musical, a production whose biggest assets are... leggy standout Kristen Daniels as Rita’s chorus girl rival Gina (who takes the words “Break a leg” to heart)."

- Steven Stanley, StageScene LA


"Scene-stealer Kristen Daniels is oh-so-damn-good as Tracy's BFF Penny Pingleton that you'd think she just stepped off the international tour of the musical yesterday.

-Michael Quintos, Broadway World  


"And speaking of smitten, just as many love sparks ignite when a scene-stealing Kristen Daniels lets her freak flag fly as Tracy’s geeky, gawky, secretly gorgeous bestie Penny Pingleton opposite a winning Jovan E. Watlington as Seaweed J. Stubbs, the tall, dark, and handsome charmer of P.P.’s dreams."

-Steven Stanley, StageScene LA


"The shining focus of Laguna's staging, Powell's Tracy is bursting with sunny optimism and can-do gumption, well complemented by Kristen Daniels as Tracy's dorky yet loyal, true-blue best pal, Penny."

-Eric Marchese, OC Register


"Sophie’s best friends, Ms. Daniels and Ms. Knapp, provide a real shot of youthful adrenaline and sell their scenes well, particularly as the glue that holds together the whole bachelorette party sequence. Both are instrumental backstage in vocal enhancement backup."

-Chris Daniels, The Show Report


"...fabulous foursome Daniels [as Ali], Knapp [as Lisa], Nazzaro [as Eddie], and Patel [as Pepper] making the most of their all too brief sidekick appearances."

-Steven Stanley, StageScene LA


"Both actors display an astounding versatility, clearly imbued with fantastic chemistry as well as spot-on vocals and dancing... Ms. Daniels (“She Loves Me,” “Rock of Ages,” “Hairspray”), is debuting in her first show at the Candlelight and adds a touch of elegance and pinache to the stage with her cultured, gilt-edged voice. Their duet, “Over the River” is exemplary!"

-Chris Daniels, The Show Report


"As Shelia, Bebe and Maggie respectfully, Camryn Zelinger, Ashley Arlene Nelson and Kristen Daniels prove to have golden voices as they sing about how their ballet classes allowed them to escape unhappy lives... Daniels’ voice sounds even more haunting when it comes out of her meek and reserved Maggie."

-Erin Tobin, The Orange Curtain


"Also, Ashley Arlene Nelson (Bebe) and Kristen Daniels (Maggie) along with Zelinger offer up a gorgeous vocal trio in 'At The Ballet.'"


-Michael Quintos, Broadway World